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Rent your apartment while saving time and earning money

Being a BNB Israel homeowner is much more than accommodating guests at home when you are not there. You benefit from a complete service: we bring you guests, manage the rental, take care of the maintenance of the apartment while keeping it clean, functional and tidy. Everything is under control, safe and secure. The only thing you have to care about is the financial.

Don’t you worry about anything! We have everything under control, from A to Z!

We handle the promotion of your property and enhance it in order to optimize its occupancy rate. We manage customer relations from check in to check out. We provide linen (sheets and towels) dedicated to rentals and buy pillows and mattresses for guests. We take care of maintenance and small daily work, internet, water leak, a/c, locks… We provide a good care of the house with our cleaning staff. And for an extra 250nis per month we also manage the billings.

We do not have to care about anything. They are taking care of our apartment, better than if we had to do it! When we come for holidays, the apartment is neat and clean and we benefit from same services as guests. It’s a big relief, the apartment is not empty, some people enjoy it as much as we do and Bnb is safe & sure!
Elie Yaffo

The BnB Israel team is at your service!

Our dedicated team is here to assist, help and answer any of your requests. Why do owners entrust their house with us? Because we take care of your apartment throughout the year just as if it was ours! We can also carry out work to upgrade your apartment. Our interior designer and interior decorator will carefully pay attention to your ideas to create an even more beautiful property!

The only thing you’ll have to care about is planning your holidays!

You’ll get the possibility to come whenever it pleases you! Just give us the date in advance! Benefit from the same services as guests during your stay in Israel; babysitting, home massage, chef at home, private guide or driver or technical assistance, household management after your departure, etc. Your house stays your house!